2021 Schauspielhaus Zürich

In collaboration with the company of Schauspielhaus Zürich, a series of photographs was produced that was meant to represent each individual and yet portray a sense of cohesion and community. It is an elaborate and detailed photographic study on the subject of the group portrait, dealing with ideas like closeness, intimacy, presence, and absence. The resulting series is an experiment as such and at the same time a statement of resistance.

Black Forest

Ongoing Friends of Truths

Friends of Truths is located in a converted farmhouse in a remote corner of the Black Forest. More than just a lifestyle brand, Friends of Truths also embodies a conscious philosophy of living; the brand sees itself as a reflection of a sustainable, mindful way of life.

Selection of Portraits


Sung Tieu / Annik Hosmann for Ciao For Now / Kristina / Andrea and Jenni for Keine Agentur / Eliel Jones / Schauspielhaus Zürich (Ensemble, Selection) / Loredana for Das Magazin / Laurenz Brunner / Hannelore Elsner for ZEITmagazin / Carina Bukuts / Raphael Hefti / Simon Ertl / Cassidy Toner for ODDA / Sebastian Hotz aka El Hotzo for ZEIT Campus / Roli Deluxe / Helena Zengel for Vogue Germany / Sheela for ZEITmagazin / Kübra Gümüşay for die dame

Post Intimacies

2020 Independent

As a spontaneous reaction to the isolation experienced during lockdown in spring 2020, the Post Intimacies series focuses on depicting youth. Models were photographed via zoom using a variety of artificial backgrounds as an escape from the boredom caused by isolation at home.

Crowdfunding Campaign

2020 Body Leaks

Body Leaks is a platform for stakeholders who encourage, educate, and inspire, a platform for female empowerment and interconnection. In collaboration with the outstanding design studio Deutsche + Japaner, an inauguration campaign discovers the female body in detail, bringing the female to the fore.


Ongoing Independent

My roots often take me back to nature, to the alpine areas of Switzerland where I was born and raised. But it is only now that I am beginning to realize how close I was to nature there, how utterly beautiful it is and, how essential it is to appreciate, nurture and highlight this beauty.


2021 Paulina Muenzing

Paulina Muenzing is a fashion designer based in Berlin. On the occasion of her master's degree show at UDK Berlin, I photographed her collection SIMULACRUM, which is inspired by the overpopulation of digital images that we manipulate through copying and sharing. The collection explores how the hyperlinked network structure invades our identities and questions our emotional relationship to the internet.
DOP: Paul Sonntag


2021 Annabelle magazine

Annabelle, the oldest women's magazine in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, repositions itself and takes a stance. The magazine remains „belle“, but it gets louder, more political, more critical and it shows that these terms do not contradict one another. In collaboration with ROD agency, we photographed 6 individual women who stand for exactly that - Modernity, a critical attitude, coolness, and beauty!


2020 Johanna Gauder

The new collection by Berlin-based jewelry designer and goldsmith Johanna Gauder highlights chain elements and brings solid, larger silver elements into play.

Bodies in Motion

2019 Independent

A series of different stagings, which focus on the spontaneous during the encounter between photographer and model. The image sequences of photography and moving image constitute a more holistic portrait.


2019 - 2021 Various Institutions

Alex Baczyński-Jenkins at Kunsthalle Basel, Wu Tsang at Schauspielhaus Zürich, Flaneur Festival at Haus der Kulturen der Welt and Franz Erhard Walther at Haus der Kunst in Munich.

Diana Pfammatter is a photographer with a focus on reportage and portraits for both magazines and commercial clients. Her aim is always to use photographs to tell a story, to seek coincidences and capture them at the right moment. Her spontaneous and natural approach is accentuated by a clean aesthetic, resulting in uniquely intimate portrayals focused on the subject, not on staging. She is living between Switzerland and Berlin.

Selected clients and publications:
– Das Magazin
– Deutsche & Japaner
– die dame
– Dior
– Elephant Magazine
– F.A.Z. Quarterly
– Gucci
– Haus der Kunst Munich
– Johanna Gauder
– Kunsthalle Basel
– Lufthansa Womans World
– ODDA magazine
– Republik
– Schauspielhaus Zürich
– Studio Andreas Wellnitz
– Studio Yukiko
– Uniqlo
– Viola Beuscher Ceramics
– Vogue Germany
– Zalando
– ZEITmagazin



All Images © Diana Pfammatter

Design: Ronnie Fueglister
Code: Kenn Hartwig, hartwig.dev

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